Strong Momma provides you with the education and support you need for an empowering birth experience.

About Me

Jill Gliha is a DONA trained birth doula.  She is also a concert violinist!  Through the birth of her first child, she was deeply moved by the strength and confidence she gained from her doula and husband.  She was instantly transformed by this incredible discovery and was inspired to offer that same type of support, love and confidence to other women.  Jill has a true understanding of how the female body works and believes in the natural dance of birth between mother and baby.  She believes all women deserve to have unconditional support while they go through the birthing process.  While she values natural childbirth, she will support you in any decision you make throughout your birth.  Jill believes the potential for psychological damage and benefit is present at every birth.  While the phrase " healthy mom, healthy baby " is often said, she believes the time in between to get to that point is just as important.  Jill has experienced an unmedicated hospital delivery, needing to be induced at 42 weeks with her first son.  Her second son was born at home unassisted, right into her husbands arms.   Her third son was born at home as well, this time with the midwives making it there in time for the baby's arrival.  

Jill supported women and families in the Chicagoland area for four years.  In March 2014, she moved with her family to Cleveland, Ohio.  She has brought Strong Momma Doula Services to Cleveland where she continues to attend births and support women and families.